Chief Minister’s Mistress… by Joygopal – Book Review

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Title : Chief Minister’s Mistress
Author : Joygopal
Pages : 232
Publisher : Fingerprint Publishing
Genre : Thriller/ Suspense

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Story : 3.5/5
Characterization : 4/5
Writing Style & Narration : 4/5
Presentation :
Overall :

Review :

Rarely comes up this kind of combination for book lovers. An author who holds the Limca Book of Records of writing at the fastest pace and a publisher who delivers the best (Special mention, I love the books of fingerprint). I was overjoyed to have this book in my hand as I love crime fiction a lot.

Firstly the cover is fantastically designed by the team. It provokes you to grab the book out of the bookshelf and make it sit on your lap instantly. I felt the blurb a bit weak as it gives no insight of the book.

Coming to the storyline. We do expect a crime thriller to have a mind blowing speed and this particular book doesn’t disappoint you on this quarter. As the prologue ends,  the author picks up a great speed and maintains it till the end. He have brilliantly summed up the whole story in 230 pages. Writing style is indulging and characterization is realistic. Twist and turns are plotted throughout the story at regular interval to keep the reader on toes and guessing till the very end.

I seriously enjoyed the book and would recommend because I felt that this book delivers what it promises.

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